The 'First Division, officially the NovoFuel' First Division due to sponsorship reasons, is the top tier of Scensoner professional association football. It is the country's primary football competition, as the sole league at the top of the Scensoner football league pyramid. It was founded in 1931 by the Scenson Football Association, who still operate the competition. It is contested by twenty clubs, and operates on a system of promotion and relegation with the Second Division. The current season is the 2014-15 First Division.

Current teamsEdit

1. Penholm FC (Narkey)
2. Westleigh FC (Narkey)
3. Newhill Road FC (Narkey)
4. Tinbridge FC (Narkey)
5. Hilford Mountain (Hilford)
6. Hilford West End (Hilford)
7. Meadhill City FC (Meadhill)
8. Meadhill United FC (Meadhill)
9. St Harrys FC (St Harrys)
10. Telwich Villa (Telwich)
11. Neltin Rovers (Neltin)
12. Yel City FC (Yel)