Je suis Scensoner is the national anthem of Scenson. It is written in Scensoner.


Je suis Scensoner, ma pais vrai, fort et libre
Aul d'mer arrais, a clames le terre
Je suis Scensoner, avac le glorie naturale
Et s'ensame nous etand!

Je suis Scensoner, qu'arrai au difficulte
Et devene le povre!
Je suis Scensoner, et j'aime ce pais!
Et cela vous n'denie!


I am Scensoner, my country real, strong and free
And from the sea rose, and claimed the land
I am Scensoner, with the natural beauty
With it, together we stand

I am Scensoner, who rose through difficulty
And became powerful
I am Scensoner, and I love this land
And that you can't deny

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