Scenson COA
The Scenson Wiki is a wikia about the Republic of Scenson, a fictional nation located off the coast of the United Kingdom, near Whitehaven. Everyone is welcome to contribute, edit, and have a say on the Scenson Wiki. Create your own character in order to join the Republic of Scenson today! As a character, you will be able to participate in politics, form a major business or a political party, and join the conversation at the local Pub. The Republic of Scenson is situated in the Irish Sea, and therefore has a predominantly British culture. The Republic of Scenson is a constitutional republic, with a parliamentary and democratic system, with the Prime Minister as head of state. It is also a billingual nation with both English and Scensoner considered to be official languages. Scenson consists of six counties, that any character can run for in the elections every four years.

Scenson COA

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