Scenson national football team is the national football team representing the Republic of Scenson. The current manager is tbd.


No. Player Birth Position Club
1 Scott Duncan 13 May 1987 Goalkeeper Scenson flag Hilford Mountain
2 Simon Martin 10 February 1985 Defender Scenson flag Westleigh FC
3 Nick McCall 12 September 1992 Defender Scenson flag Penholm FC
4 tbd 23 October 1988 Defender Scenson flag Neltin Rovers
5 Phil Cairney 19 June 1993  Defender Scenson flag Meadhill City FC
6 tbd 6 July 1986 Midfielder Scenson flag Telwich Villa
7 Harry Irvine 15 December 1996 Midfielder France flag Olympique Lyonnais
8 Nkruma Kojo 9 August 1989 Midfielder Scenson flag Tinbridge FC
9 Sam Russell 19 February 1992 Midfielder Scenson flagHilford Mountain
10 Neil Hampton 17 October 1990 Striker Scenson flag Penholm FC
11 James Pearce 23 August 1991 Striker Scenson flag Newhill Road

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